Theatre-based training to help your communication flow

What is Communication Flow?

What stops us from creating this flow?

How does the Latham Flow Method work?

When we are communicating in the flow, we are free, comfortable and have presence. One idea runs easily to the next and we can seamlessly accommodate new ideas. We have a sense of knowing exactly where we are going and where we would like to lead others. We are open to new communication and help others generate a flow with us. Being in the flow is something we have all experienced and all recognise when we achieve it, yet it is also something we sometimes struggle to attain.

Sometimes there are blocks to reaching a state of flow. There can be people who for one reason or another do not allow us to be in the flow. They block us, and sometimes we block ourselves because we stress about the situation or other people.

During the last 20 years of rehearsing with actors and working with individuals in the corporate and political world I have gradually assimilated a process of working with flow. The insights and working practices gained from these years of experience I now share with others as the Latham Communication Flow Method. I have discovered simple physical triggers that release an individual’s communication and self-expression allowing them to communicate with ease, personality and presence in even the most hostile and stressful environments. These physical triggers initiate the optimum mindset for successful communication. Underlining this physical work I have developed simple narrative structures that really help participants formulate and gather their ideas quickly and effectively. Enabling them to direct and deliver communication which places the audience, whether one person or one thousand, at the very centre of attention.

How do we work?

What do our participants think?

● "...never had a training about the intra-personal aspects of presentation which was as helpful as this, even after 20 years in consulting!"

● "I feel sure that the benefits of this presentations course will remain for me."

● "From the beginning on, personal experience through exercises. Very experienced instructors who gave valuable feedback."

● "Individual training in small groups and hence high-learning impact. An excellent course that should be mandatory for professional staff."

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Our 3 step theatre workshop philosophy

Step 1 through simulation/role play we discover the challenges faced and the solutions to overcome them

Step 2  through theatre and improvisation game playing we discover the skills necessary to successfully implement these solutions 

Step 3  through simulations and feedback we give an opportunity for these skills to be practiced and embedded.

Our trainers

Alexis Latham

Actor/Director and Founder and developer of the “Impact Method”

John Webber

Actor/Writer with more than 20 years experience in role play and facilitating workshops

Matt Devere

Actor/Coach specialising in developing energy and physicality in communication

Garai Judit

Judit is a playwright, lecturer and workshop 

Graham Knowles

Former CEO with extensive executive and non-executive board experience

Our training story

Over 20 years ago Alexis Latham introduced the concept of using theatre workshop techniques into the Hungarian Training world. It was a technique he was experienced in using in the UK but was a first at that time in Hungary. The spontaneous live improvisation shows with his Scallabouche Theatre Company were another first in Hungary preceded only by Halasz Peter the renowned Hungarian avant-garde. He began to introduce more improvisation techniques into the training. Demand quickly spread to countries in the region. To cope with this he helped found Dramatrix, where he was head of training until 2007. He then teamed up with Hungarian TV presenter and ex-government spokesperson Andras Batiz. Andras was a strong believer in the approach and having been coached in it by Alexis, found it easy to adapt to the world of media and media training and together they founded Impactworks. To simplify the logistics of a growing client portfolio and  to satisfy their respective interests Alexis has now created Latham Flow, where he has been able to synthesise the approach developed into a concrete methodology and begun to introduce a range of new courses which have been running since June 2017.


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